Great Reception Idea – Vintage Photo Booth

If you are looking for a really unique wedding favor idea, as well as a way to wow your guests, a vintage photo booth is a fantastic idea. It is something that will add a memorable touch to your reception, and your guests are sure to flip over it. Here are some ideas on how to include a vintage photo booth at your wedding reception.

Everyone has been to a million weddings where the favor is a tiny box of chocolates. Edible favors are great, to be sure, but they are also very typical and completely unoriginal. If you really want to make a splash, you need to come up with a different idea that your guests will truly enjoy. One of the most fun ideas out there is to rent a vintage photo booth for your guests to have fun with.

Photos are always a neat idea for a wedding favor. After all, how often do people get all dressed up in their most spectacular clothing and best jewelry, besides for a wedding? This is why your guests will love the idea of having a few pictures of themselves in their fancy dresses and wedding jewelry that they can take home that very evening. At one wedding that I attended, the couple had a photographer on hand who took pictures of the guests and then printed them out and put them in frames to take home as favors. This was a huge hit with the guests and worked well with their very formal wedding. But for couples who are hoping to add a little more lighthearted fun and whimsy into the guests’ pictures, the photo booth will really hit the right note.

Placement of the photo booth new orleans is one thing to consider. Do you want it in the hallway of your venue? Near the dance floor? Or maybe back in a corner? There is likely to be a lot of traffic flow to the booth, so be sure to situate it in a location where it will not create backups for destinations like the buffet table or restrooms.

For most of your guests, having a photo booth at a wedding will be a novel experience. Let them know what is going on by placing a small placard on each table. You can write up a short note thanking them for coming, and asking that they have fun taking pictures in the photo booth to take home as favors.  The nice thing is that this is something that guests of all generations will enjoy.

When you are renting a photo booth for your wedding, you will have a few options. Some are classic like you used growing up, and some are digital. There can be advantages to either type, depending on your exact preferences. Whichever you choose, ask about having a cd created that captures all of the silly pictures that your guests made. You can even go all out, and rent a plasma tv that will show a streaming slideshow of all of the pictures taken that evening. That is a fantastic way to get your guests really excited about the photo booth.

Finally, when if you do decide to rent a photo booth for your wedding reception, also set up a scrapbooking table next to it. Ask your guests to take a set of photos for themselves, as well as another set to put into a memory book for the bride and groom. Your guests can put their pictures into the album along with their signatures and a note to the bride and groom. The guests will have a great time, and the newlyweds will end up with a very special type of guest book that will be treasured for many years.