If the poultry house construction process feels quite intimidating to you, don’t stress because you aren’t alone.  Many chicken farmers feel the exact same way but when you search out a good poultry house construction guide to help you, it is more than possible to build a successful chicken coop at a greatly reduced cost.

The key is knowing the main steps that must be followed as you go about the building process, so you don’t miss out on any critical issues that could cause problems later on.

Here are the steps to know when it comes to poultry house construction.

Choose Your Land Area

The very first thing you should be doing is choosing the area of your yard you want to build the coop on.  It’s important that this area be well lit and easily accessible since you’ll have to go in and out to feed and check on the birds.

Do Any Landscaping Necessary

Second, once you’ve found this area, you will have to asses whether it needs any landscaping.  Part of the process of poultry house construction is making sure the land area is quite flat and will easily support the walls.

If you don’t know how to landscape, you may want to consider hiring someone to do this for you, or even better, find a guide that teaches you so you can do it yourself.  This is one way you will save a lot of money since it can be a pricey process.

Choose Your Building Materials

After you’ve prepared the land, then the next thing to do is look at the different building materials.  Again this is one area where you can save a lot of money but you have to make sure you choose the building materials well because it can have quite a large influence on how long the coop lasts.

Be sure you read a poultry house construction guide that discusses building materials to quite a large extent as this isn’t an area to take lightly.

Decide On Your Size

Next up, make sure you choose the right size for your chicken house.  Size is the fact that will most influence how many eggs the chickens will lay because if they feel crowded, their laying capabilities will be quite low.

Ideally you should figure out whether you require small, medium, or large size and then get the exact specifications from your guide.

Plan For Windows

Windows will also be essential during poultry house construction because they are what will allow air to ventilate and light up the chicken coop.  Those who are not putting windows in their chicken house will see issues later on, especially when it comes to the health of the birds.

If you absolutely cannot have many windows for whatever reason, then you will need to look into running in some type of electrical light into the coop.

Don’t Forget The Chicken Fence

Finally, the last step for poultry house construction is to prepare a chicken fence. This is important to keep predators out and give you a piece of mind. Be sure you build the chicken fence tall enough and deep enough to protect your birds from both angles.

By making sure you aren’t overlooking these issues, you will almost guarantee that you do have success with this project.  Following a poultry house construction guide is the simplest way to prevent issues from creeping up halfway through the building process and will also help you save money along the way.