Building Your Own Free Range Poultry House is Easily the Right Decision to Healthy Poultry Keeping

Free range poultry houses once were a sight that you only really expected to see on a farm or on a small holding. But, with a worldwide renewed interest in keeping chickens you are more likely to find poultry houses in urban as well as rural environments. With so much information available to the average person now at the touch of a button, it is so simple to be able to look at a wealth of chicken keeping and housing knowledge that was just never accessible up until recent years.

It is easy to keep poultry with the minimum of fuss and to be able to use all of that information to help you avoid common pitfalls makes it so much more effortless, that once you start you will wonder why you had not considered keeping chickens before.

There is nothing to beat the taste of an egg because it has been laid by your own poultry and it is well known that free range eggs contain a quarter less saturated fat and two thirds more vitamin A than caged hen eggs for starters and that is before we mention the other health benefits too.

If you are serious about keeping chickens to provide eggs then you will really appreciate how important it is to get their accommodation right. Their needs are simple to cater for with just a little effort on your part, once you have settled them in they pretty much look after themselves.

So, to be able to provide the type of housing for your chickens that is more than adequate for their needs you really are contributing in an unseen way in keeping them healthy, happy and of course egg laying.

The best accommodation for your poultry really has to be the kind that you build yourself. Where else can you gain such flexibility? A readymade coop cannot provide this for you, how can it? You know the size of your backyard and the space available to you within it, so you can plan your poultry housing to suit and utilise the space to your best advantage.

Once you start to think about how best to accommodate your chickens you can see how versatile this option really is. You can incorporate any number of ramps and walkways to help keep them stimulated, as well as perches and warm comfortable bed boxes. You can make the coop as unique as you would like it to be and customise to suit, giving you complete peace of mind knowing that your poultry will be as safe and secure in their environment as they possibly can be.

The biggest benefit, apart from your chickens welfare, is the value for money aspect. To buy a readymade coop is a very expensive option especially if it does not cater 100{17ef88a264f735d53e23f577c1aef39f82da91f2d0cb03d25ab21c9f41dcfb41} for you or your poultry’s needs and why compromise if you do not have to?

So, to build your own free range poultry house is the perfect solution both from a financial perspective and also for your chickens needs too. You will have low maintenance, low cost, durable accommodation that is easy to construct and maintain and of course you can then decide how many free range poultry houses you would like to build.