Four Unique Types of Chicken Coop Construction

Keeping chickens has been a part of civilization for centuries. Throughout the course of American history alone, there have been many people who have raised chickens and, as a result, many different types of chicken coops. Here are four unique types that will give you an idea of which type is right for you.

Chicken Coop #1 – The A-Frame

This unique design gets its name from its close similarity to the shape of the capital letter “A”. This type of coop is very popular especially for portable coops for keeping chickens on a small scale. They are not very heavy, and, as a result, they are very easy to move to different locations on your property. The A-Frame usually includes scaled-down perches and nesting boxes to fill the needs of the small flock.

Chicken Coop #2 – The Chicken Ark

If you are keeping a medium size flock, it is very possible that the A-Frame many not be sufficient. Enter the chicken ark. This type of chicken coop tends to be larger than its A-Frame counterpart, and therefore heavier and more difficult to move. To accommodate moving the coop, it is often outfitted with small wheels to facilitate movement. The real difference is the appearance of the chicken ark in that it has a more square structure.

Chicken Coop #3 – The Poultry Shed

The poultry shed is larger than both the A-Frame and the chicken ark. It usually appears in two different varieties, permanent and portable. The portable version is usually built on sleds that make it possible to move it with a tractor or other large farm equipment when necessary. As a result, the poultry shed is sometimes referred to as the “chicken tractor”. The permanent version is usually built on post that lift the floor of the coop off of the ground.

Chicken Coop #4 – The Chicken House

If you are looking for a large chicken coop that is durable and easily maintained, then the chicken house is the option for you. The chicken house is usually large enough to provide a large run giving the birds plenty of space for fresh air and regular activity without giving them full access to the yard. The large size of the chicken house makes it very easy for keepers to get inside for regular chores such as cleaning the coop and gathering eggs. By far, the chicken house is the most durable of all the types of coops that we have discussed.

The Finishing Touches

No matter the unique type of structure you may choose for your chicken coop, the decor and color of your design are entirely up to you. The finishing touches are what make your coop unique. Just remember that the most important part of your decision is building the type of coop that fits you and your flock.