How to Build a Chicken Coop Hen House – Step by Step

Two months ago I’ve decided to build a chicken coop hen house. To own your own chickens is a fine idea, for many reasons, but not a good idea unless you have a place for them to live. Don’t think that you can just house them in your garage, or let them run amuck in your yard, free as….birds…because these are not safe environments for them.

If you think that taking the time to put up a chickencoop or a henhouse for them to live in is tough work, guess again. With the right plans and a step by step guide, you could have a ready-to-go chicken home in no time. Read on as I’ll give you those proven and safe step by step plans.

* First, size plays a big role in designing and building your own chicken coop-hen house. You will want to have a chicken run, which is that area outside the housing unit that gives your poultry a place to run around in. The reason you need an exercise yard for your chickens is because they won’t give you eggs of good quality if they are “cooped” up inside the henhouse all the time.

The rule of thumb is four square feet for every chicken you plan on having.

* Second, you want to turn your attention to the details, such as how your chicken coop will look, it’s location, and whether it will stay in one place, or be able to be moved around your yard, to give your chickens variety of location. Knowing all of this, you can create a detailed list of the building materials you will need to put it all together. Don’t cheat yourself here: better quality material may cost more, but it also lasts longer, too.

As you can imagine, by now, it isn’t a hard thing to do to build your own chicken coop-hen house, with the right plans and step by step guide. This isn’t something that you can just wake up one Saturday morning deciding to do, and have a full blown hen house by sundown that night.

However, rest assured. With the right advice and guidance, it won’t be long before you can hear the cackling of your own chickens as they prance happily in their own digs, right in your backyard.