If You Purchase Solar Panels, You’ve Paid Too Much – Here’s Why

There are many different things to consider before you decide to purchase solar panel for your home. Commercially installed solar panels can cost as much as $50,000 for an average size home, depending on where you live. Most of the commercial solar panels are designed to be powerful and run your entire home. You will see the savings immediately on your electric bill.   

However, with the price tag attached to these solar systems, it’s simply not an option for many homeowners. That’s why many are turning to their skills as a handyman and building solar panels.

Solar Kits

There are some solar kits available that you can build at home. They aren’t very hard to find and will contain everything you need. Most will operate your TV for almost a full day and cost about $350 for a 20-watt kit. A 1 Kilowatt kit will run you about $600.

Building from Scratch

The least expensive way is to build a solar panel from scratch. You can use a lot of supplies you may already have around your home and you may need a few days to build your first one. It takes about $200 and you’ll have enough power for a small appliance or a few lights. You can tie more than one panel together and produce as much power as you need. Some people are even able to produce enough to get off the power grid. This makes more sense than making a huge purchase. Solar panels can easily be made at home.

Resources to Help

There are many resources available to help you build your own solar panel. However, it’s best to invest in a really great instruction manual that also has videos that show all the steps. It really can make the project a little easier and will keep you from having to purchase solar panel. 

Take a few moments and start doing a little research. You’ll be surprised at how easy and inexpensive it is to build your own solar panels.