Selling Commercial Property – The 10 Best Marketing Strategies to Sell the Property Today

In this market you have to be creative and concentrated when it comes to marketing a commercial property. Buyers are selective and discerning. They know what they want and will make a decision quickly, even from the content of the advert that you place in the newspaper or on the internet. The secret to selling commercial property today is in identifying and tapping into the target market.

Marketing strategies have to be set with the target market in mind. It is not appropriate to simple list a commercial property and then advertise it, hoping that someone will lift the telephone up and make the call to you. Generic marketing can be a great waste of time.

So just what are the 10 best marketing strategies to use for commercial property today? In this order the following is generally the case .


  1. Internet listing on multiple sites
  2. Sign board on the property
  3. Flyer creation and drop to businesses in the region
  4. Direct email marketing to qualified buyers in your database
  5. Direct mail to qualified buyers in your database
  6. Direct telephone contact with qualified people you have spoken with in the past
  7. Newspaper advertisements for the property being placed in the right section of the newspaper that reaches the target market
  8. The Owners of neighbouring properties in the same location as the subject property
  9. Businesses in the area that may be looking for new premises from which to operate from
  10. Other agents in the local area that may have genuine buyers to inspect the property on a conjunction basis


When you have all these bases covered the marketing of the property is more effective and timely. You simply get more enquiries. As a general rule all property enquiry should be entered into your database as you really do not know if another property will be of more interest to the enquiring party in the future.

This then should indicate that all property enquiries should be qualified and categorised. In only this way can you take the fullest advantage from them.

From the list above it is quite clear that the internet is playing a very big part in the marketing of commercial property today. To fully use the internet as a property marketing tool the following are common strategies of choice used by agents today:


  1. Your office website
  2. Specialised websites for commercial property
  3. Online marketing brochures
  4. A special website for the property if it is a major project and requires long term marketing
  5. Email newsletters that are integrated back to a website containing greater property detail
  6. Social media marketing tools


Expect that this list above will change and grow faster over the coming years. The internet will strengthen as the marketing tool of choice for commercial property. It is just a matter of time before newspaper marketing will become redundant and limited in capability.

As a real estate agent staying ahead of your market, use the internet to its fullest .