The Four Kings of Zodiac – Astrology Predictions 2010

In the realm of Zodiac, there are four ethnic groups of people: The Earth People, the Air People, the Water People, and the Fire People. Long ago it was decided that each of them should choose a king and the four kings would represent their ethnic groups as members of the High Council. For all of Zodiac’s peoples, the High Council would settle on what was best for them. The people of Zodiac approved to let the beloved members of royals to make a decision for themselves, which would be converted into kings and which would not.

The Earth People are realistic diligent people who missqgemini hacking feel affection for others in a fairly reasonable way. They work relentlessly to ensure that their treasured ones get the rations, clothes, housing, and money that they require to live a sensibly worriless life. They accept as true that God helps those who help themselves. They would more readily train a starving man how to fish and hunt, than to merely give him a free meal. Generally, they are not fond of pushing their noses into other people’s affairs and they do not welcome others instructing them what they should do.

As Capricorn learnt that a king of the Earth People would be selected, he thought that the selection should be made swiftly and rationally. He set off to come across the other two members of Earth royals so they could resolve collectively which of them is supposed to represent the ethnic group of Earth People.
Capricorn before long stumbled on his brother Virgo working hard. “Hello brother! Do you know? Each ethnic group is electing a king to represent them in the High Council. I considered we would go jointly to meet Taurus and among us, we would settle on which of us is supposed to be the leader of the Earth People.” To this Virgo replied, “I’m actually pretty busy at the moment and I’ve got a lot of work to do. The people want me here lending a hand to control the work crews and to ensure that things are completed properly. You go ahead and speak to Taurus and find out what he feels. I have confidence in you to make a decision without my presence.” After they shook hands, Capricorn went away to locate Taurus.

It did not require a long time to locate Taurus. He was relaxing happily in a meadow of flowers with a half consumed picnic basket adjacent to him. Capricorn inquired from his brother Taurus how he thought about being King of the Earth People. Taurus pondered over this for a quite long time before replying, “You see I love the people of my ethnic group and I willingly endeavor to assist them and to look after them. But I do enjoy my time off as well. I believe that I would be unhappy if I had to continually journey to and from the conferences and you are aware of how slow I can be to accept new ideas. I suppose that I would make an excellent King, but I do not assume that I would like the politics of becoming a member of the High Council. Therefore why don’t you carry out this? You are an instinctive leader in any case and you have certainly worked vigorously and obtained the title. I depend on you to represent us with honor and nobility.”

Capricorn was more than eager to match up his brothers. He had on the sly wished that both of them would say the same thing as they had said, since he truly did desire to get the honor of becoming King of the Earth People. Nothing would be more pleasurable to him than to be able to work for his people in such a significant role. As he went away to the High Council assembly to meet the other kings, he reflected and practiced with himself in order that at the time of being officially crowned king, he would not make a fool of himself by emerging undeserving of such nobility.

The Air People are societal contented people who are fond of laughing. They are thinkers who like to convey thoughts important and trivial. They have a preference to earn their livelihood with their minds rather than doing manual labor. It is not due to their laziness; they simply have so much taking place within their heads that is busting to emerge. They dwell in a world of dreams, principles, and mental power. They are very happy to put forward their views to someone who is not quite certain what to think about a particular situation. They are so keen to communicate their thoughts that they now and then cannot bite their tongues. However, they have their hearts in the right place and they have good intentions. They live by the principle “live and let live” although they are a little too prejudiced sometimes.