Understanding Softball Balls for Better Pitching and Batting Practice

Purchasing softball balls may sound easy enough, yet the ones used for practice may differ in texture and size as opposed to official game day balls. Some are used for practice only while others are sized up for league competition. Other things to consider before placing an order include equipment compatibility as well as the many different age groups and skill levels involved.

While fastpitch bats are designed to handle higher velocities, the slow-pitch models are configured to suit lighter impact settings. With all the different softball balls and accessories on the market today, buying one of each may be out of the question. When it comes to softballs for sale, a few brand names stand out above the rest.

It’s also important to figure out which ones will work best in any given pitching machine and be used for manual throwing exercises; many baseball pitching machines for sale have specific mechanisms designed to house most every type of baseball and softball imaginable. Pitching machine balls such as the Atec Tuffy and Supersoft SFTs are just two examples of softball balls specifically designed for the Power Streak machine.

Their raised seams allow breaking balls to dance across the plate while giving young hitters a great deal of confidence. The soft housing provides a reduced injury factor, as instructional league hitters get accustomed to the different types of ball movement. These are great training balls that can help to improve hand-to-eye coordination, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor practices. They can also be used in other pitching machine models as well, yet it’s best to check the specs beforehand.

Many other softball balls can get the job done for intermediate training sequences. Taking it to the next level requires using simulated league play balls. A variety of authentic game-day softballs for sale include the Easton and Worth brands respectively, which are constructed for fastpitch bats.

The Easton FX1 Power Brigade is built with composite alloy barrel material that solidifies the sweet spot while being able to endure heaters up to 98 MPH. Approved by over a half-dozen organized leagues, it can be used to hit a number of softball balls made for league play.

The collection of Worth RIF Fastpitch brand softballs includes the 10, 11 and 12 inch balls with yellow covers and bright red stitching. The benefit of having two sharp contrasting colors enables younger hitters to see the ball better and make solid contact. Because these balls are both firm for getting some distance and spongy enough to reduce the sting; practicing with confidence can carry over into game-time situations. This is an important aspect of the developmental process concerning adolescent athletes, which is why the Worth brand softball balls are recommended for youngsters up to 12 years of age.

With literally dozens of different types of softballs for sale can increase both offensive and defensive skills, getting a chance to practice with as many different balls as possible is recommended. Becoming familiar with diversity is one of the key components of being able to adapt and adjust in a fluid manner.

Baseball and softball training aids are there primarily for the purpose of increasing athletic ability, yet this process extends beyond motor skills and coordination. Gaining a sense of camaraderie and heightened self-esteem is paramount to the chances for future success in the game of life itself. While softball balls may seem inconsequential to some, understanding the benefits and features of this piece of training equipment can better prepare your team to maximize their game day performance.